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[Fwd: Re: Non-free artwork in games]


I'm not subscribed to any list. I'm forwarding the suggested procedure.

> Javier, can you contact them and ask for clarification, please? This
> is probably easier & cleaner than second-guessing their intention.

No, I can't. They were gone long time ago. www.divgames.com no longer
The deal was this: Hammer Technologies sold a game factory and clearly
stated games wouldn't have any distribution problem (copyright, license,

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De: Javier Serrano Polo <jasp00@terra.es>
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Assumpte: Re: Non-free artwork in games
Data: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 13:31:07 +0100

El dl 27 de 10 de 2008 a les 12:42 +0100, en/na Jordà Polo va escriure:
> For instance, does this (pseudo?) license apply
> to the "raw" data?

DIV game developers can choose the license of their games. This includes
game logic and data. The game license decides what you can do with the
raw data.

You only need one developer to release the artwork or to buy the CDs and
become that developer.

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