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Re: geotrans license: asking for advice

"Peter S Galbraith" <psg@debian.org> wrote in message 27721.1223576861@mixing.lau.dfo-mpo.ca">news:27721.1223576861@mixing.lau.dfo-mpo.ca...
Roberto Lumbreras <rover@debian.org> wrote:


I have packaged a nice software called geotrans (ITP #468918):
whose author is NGA (US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency). You
can find my work at http://rover.thehackers.org/geotrans/

I'm quite surprised that they are not claiming copyright under US law,
but yet claim copyright under other jurisdictions (if I understood

Traditionaly, software developed by the US government has had no
copyright (i.e. public domain).  It is strange to see an outfit cliam it
only in other jurisdictions.  Seems to go against the principle.

This interpretation of the relevent clause of the constitution has been around since the begining. The Government can own copyright on works they developed, but are barred from enforcing the copyright inside the country or against American citizens. (It is one of those, or perhaps both, I don't rember which.)

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