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[News] Antiques TV on the iPhone January 24th '08

Title: Antiques TV Newsletter
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Press Release Date - 28th January

iPhone - iPod Touch


Antiques TV is now available as a web application to over 4 million iPhone users. Goldman Sachs expect that figure to increase by a further 14 million during the coming year. Users can connect directly to the iPhone application at www.antiques.tv/iphone or from Monday at the Apple web site.

The Antiques TV application integrates beautifully with the iPhone. Users can watch video in High Definition or search through Antiques and Art for Sale using an intuitive menu system.

The menu seamlessly leads potential buyers to a high quality image and description of the art or antique of their dreams. Antiques have never been presented in a more desirable way.

Users can also search the Antiques TV Directory, see a detailed map with directions to the dealer store from their current location, and call dealers or send email with the touch of a button.

Whether at home or on the move it has never been easier to find or buy Antiques.

All this is also available to millions of iPod Touch users via Wi-Fi.

"Antiques TV continues to explore new ways of bringing sellers and buyers together by enhancing the experience and enjoyment of Antiques and Art lovers everywhere."


Find Art & Antiques
- Search Antiques TV
- Contact Seller

Search Dealers
- By place, name or speciality
- View map
- Get directions

Watch Videos
- High Definition
- Dealer Channel

More information..

Antiques TV - in touch with a new generation

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