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Re: GPL V2 and GPLv3

(Cc: debian-legal)

On September 4, 2007 at 6:43PM +0200,
svenjoac (at gmx.de) wrote:

> > So if we have any such elisp code in Debian, should we exclude
> > installation and byte-compilation for versions of Emacs that are
> > licensed under the GPL v3?  I presume this includes emacs-snapshot and
> > likely any future bug fix release of Emacs 22.
> Emacs 22.2 will be released under GPL v3.  As for emacs-snapshot, the
> first version after upstream's switch to GPL 3 seems to be 1:20070805-1.
> > Have I missed something?
> I think the upstream authors should be contacted to relicense their
> code.  Especially authors of old code (when v2 was the only GPL
> version) might not have been aware of the incompatibility and just
> chose sloppy wording that needs to be clarified now.

Hmm, *.elc file byte-compiled with GPLv3 Emacs should really be
licenced under GPLv3?

I think that even if distribution of *.elc file should be licensed
under GPLv3, *.el file under non-GPLv3 can be distributed, because
locally installation and byte-compilation are not limited by GPLv3.


Tatsuya Kinoshita

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