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Re: Free art license, CC and DFSG

Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org>
> My opinion is based on the contribution of debian-legal participants, of
> the workgroup participants, and of my own review of the licenses.

I don't doubt that.  However, that's still your opinion rather than the
Workgroup's.  I don't mean anything bad by that.  Just a correction to
what was written.

> [...] I also believe that a large number of debian-legal
> participants have said that the DRM clause, as it stands, is free enough
> to allow distribution under DRM if such DRM is not "effective" [...]

I'm now sufficiently confused by CC/DRM/DReaM and others that I would
advise everyone to run away, run away from that lawyerbomb.  I seem
to remember that RMS also advised people to avoid promoting CC until
they sort out what the devil they stand for.  Until we see a few of
the anti-TPM zealots try to use CC to punish parallel distribution,
we probably won't know what the current licence means in practical terms.

Hope that explains,
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