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Re: [OT] mailing list subjects

Daniele Micci <daniele.micci@tiscali.it> writes:

> Why don't you (the ML admins) tag each email in the ML inserting in 
> its subject some prefix (something like: "[Debian-legal] subject of 
> email")? This could help those of us who often read emails using a web 
> interface.

Because it's a waste and an annoyance for those who use an email

Because a message can be posted to more than one such list
simultaneously, at which point the replies will get these prefixes
from *both* lists, interacting in various hilarious ways.

Because many people prefer to organise their incoming messages by
attributes other than which list distributed the message.

Because deficiencies in a web interface should not dictate mangling
the message to accomodate those deficiencies.

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