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Re: ipv6calc: IP address assignments as source code

I can't answer most of these questions.

But you will probably be helped by the fact that databases, as mere 
collections of facts, are usually *not copyrightable*, certainly not in the 
US.  So these documents are most likely in the public domain.  I believe this 
is the way to go: unless there appears to be a significant creative element, 
assume that they're in the public domain.

Of course, the evil European "sui generis Database Right" is a problem.  How 
are we approaching that?  Are we dealing with it like we deal with patents 
(ignore it unless someone starts suing)?  It's clearly just as evil, immoral, 
and unjustifiable, if not more so.

(Note that the RFC license is NOT a free software license; it doesn't permit 
creating modified, renamed copies.  We have been trying to get them to fix 
this, but they seem nearly as intransigent as the FSF.)

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