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Re: new tool - searching for example

2006. 04. 3, hétfő keltezéssel 22.35-kor Anthony DeRobertis ezt írta:
> > As my master's thesis, I am developing a new Argument Mapping tool.
> Cool. Will it become free software?
As far as it's up to me, yes, of course.
But since both my employee (MTA Sztaki, a research institute) and my
university will have a say in the mettet, the situation is not that

But eventually, yes, I think I will be able to release it as free
software somehow. (Providing a freely available argument mapping
software system has been my goal all along, so I won't give this up.)

> Well, if you want something big, the MANY posts on the GFDL will no 
> doubt cause your tool to run out of memory and crash :-D Though, you do 
> get to compare your results vs. Manoj's draft position statement.

> Another thing that'd be neat, though I'm not sure where it is in the 
> archive, is to have a summary of the arguments that led to the various 
> desert island, dissident, etc. tests.

> [...] the LPPL (LaTeX Public Project License) 
> stuff --- the new version which was, in large part, driven by -legal, 
> would be interesting too. 

Thank you for your suggestions, I will take a look at them.

As I proceed with processing the material, I will let you know how it
goes, and I will make the results available to the list. (If anybody

Best wishes,

	Kristof Csillag

ps. The homepage of the project is available at
    (Some of the content is only available in hungarian,
	but the essence is translated to english, too.)

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