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Re: Affero General Public License

mako@debian.org wrote:

>I don't think that issue is a closed one. As you and others have
>mentioned in other threads, the GPLv3 will probably have a Affero-type
>clause. Several people, at least, have spoken up in favor of this sort
>of clause being both in the spirit of the GPL and the DFSG.
I fully agree. The Affero GPL was declared non-free at a time when
debian-legal was dominated by the "everything is a restriction" crowd,
but this principle nowadays keeps being contested for not being a valid
interpretation of the DFSG.

>I would love to see web.py in Debian. I suspect that, one way or
>another, the this issue will be resolved in the GPLv3 process. :)
Hopefully the GPLv3 will have provisions to allow reusing code from
this kind of applications in other applications which by design do not
provide network services, which I understand is the main contentious


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