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Re: Wikipedia and Commons screenshots of GNU programms

Scripsit Patrick-Emil Zörner <paddyez@yahoo.de>

> My question is the following:is there a policy or rule of if and how
> screenshots of GNU programs may be published?

You would be better off asking that question of the FSF. This mailing
list is for discussing the legal aspects of including things in the
Debian operating system.

That being said, most of the screenshots you link to could not
reasonably be covered by the copyright (or other intellectual property
rights) of the programs whose output are being depicted. To the extent
that the pictures include icons that by themselves are subject to
copyright, it is reasonably safe to assume that they are okay under
"fair use" (in common-law juristictions) or "right to quote" (in
continental European ones).

In cases like Image:Demo_PC_BlackMaiden_Interceptor.jpg,
Image:64k_PC_BlackMaiden_PocketSafari.png, or
Image:Picture_in_Picture_%28Photomontage%29.jpg, where the major part
of the screenshot consists of something that could be viewed as an
independent work of art, you of course have to get the artist's

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