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Re: Copyleft font licensing

* Raul Miller:

> Why would subsetting be a problem?
> I don't see anything in the GPL which requires source for things
> which have been left out of the program being required.

The subsetted font is not the preferred form of doing modifications to
the font.

Anyway, this isn't the case I'm really interested in.  And if there's
real source code, it should be reasonably clear that the GPL is

>> This does not deal with artwork that contains outlines derived from
>> the font (which was often used as a way around embedding, which is a
>> pretty recent development).  Perhaps today, embedding can be used in
>> such cases, too?
> I don't understand this paragraph.

In a drawing, you can include text either as an editable text object,
or as outlines created from the font (which cannot be edited as text).
In the 90s, outlines were often used so that you could send the
drawing to someone who didn't have those fonts.  I don't know if this
practice is still common.

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