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Re: firmware status for eagle-usb-*

bts@alum.mit.edu wrote:

>> Yes, sure! If some stream of bits is considered software when stored in
>> RAM then I can't see why it should not be software anymore when stored
>> in some other media. I have not seen any convincing argument about why
>> software should lose its nature if stored in ROM.
>> If the conseguences of this are that some interpretations of the policy
>> or social contract are inconsistent then maybe you should start
>> considering that they may really be, after all.
>How about when they're stored on paper?
It's still software, stored on paper. Why not?

>How about when they're burned into a different sort of persistent
>chip, like an FPGA?
If you believe that an FPGA design stored in a file on your hard disk is
software then I believe that it's still software when copied to a FPGA.
Again, why not?

>How about CAD/CAM instructions, once embodied in a manufactured
>device?  Is my coffee mug still software?
Obviously not: the mug does not contain software (but maybe you could
start a contest for the shortest CAD/CAM file which can generate a mug
with a copy of itself printed on it).

>>>Looks like hardware, acts like hardware.
>> To me, it looks like software stored in hardware.
>>>Of course, it's a boundary case--it's neither strictly hardware nor software.
>> Really? I think it's quite clear.
>That's because you're not thinking about all the ramifications.
I think you need to work a bit more on your mind-reading skills.


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