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RPSL and DFSG-compliance

Hello lawyers :)

I have a simple question, please answer it just as simple :).

I wanna package the Helix DNA Producer and the Helix DNA Server for
debian (http://helix.alioth.debian.org). These two Helix components are
licensed under the RPSL (the HelixPlayer is now GPL'd).

The question for me as maintainer is now: Which part of the repository
for these packages, main or non-free? Or: Is the RPSL now DFSG-compliant
or not?

I read all the threads I found in the debian-legal archives about the
RPSL and did nowhere found the statement of a debian developer that the
RPSL is DFSG-free. Rob Lanphier, Development Support Manager at
RealNetworks, who participated in some RPSL-related discussions on this
list, wrote me the following:
I simply wanna play safe not to choose the wrong repo.

Thanks for your informative answers.


[RPSL: https://helixcommunity.org/content/rpsl]

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