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Re: Contracts and licenses

<--- Brian Thomas Sniffen <bts@alum.mit.edu> wrote:
<That's criminal in Brasil?  Not a tort?  Wacky.  So you don't get any
<damages from me infringing your copyrights?

For what i know TORT category just exist in commn law (england, american, canadian, .... systems), and that hasen't the consequence everywhere exists. I think probabily in Brasil dosen't exist too. Correct me if i'm wrong.
This discussion summarize the problems we had to understad eachother on the term "contract". It is very defferent contract, vertrag, contrato, ..... even if they are the lingustic translation of the same word.

Every license has to be applied into a specific legal system.
I don't know if it make any sense to analize so deeply MPL. I mean
must understand if it is free or not, but not in relashion of a legal 
system, otherwise we should do it for quite 197 countries (more or less)


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