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MPlayer reloaded

Hello everybody!

I am Diego Biurrun, the MPlayer documentation maintainer, not to be
confused with Gabucino, who has made a few appearances on this list
before.  I am not here to start a(nother) flame war.

I have checked the MPlayer source tree to see what files we have
included from where, which licenses they are under and compiled this
information into a Copyright file that is now sitting prominently at
the root of our source tarball (I've pasted it below for reference).

I would very much like to see MPlayer included in Debian.  You have
raised some legitimate concerns in the past, namely

- the lack of a LICENSE file
- noncompliance with GPL 2a

We now have a LICENSE file and I hope to have addressed GPL 2a with
the Copyright file.

I know MPlayer has been discussed to death on this list, I'm not here
to start up these discussions again, I want to move the issue along.

Some history:
Andrea Menucci (the prospective Debian packager) came up with a list
of possible license/copyright problems on our developers mailing list:


This eventually led to him preparing packages including a copyright
file that outlined some of the things he found out.  This has been
discussed on debian-legal:


I believe to have taken care of the issues raised by Andrea through
the Copyright file I added to the sources and a few changes I made to
different files in MPlayer:


I'm not aware of any more problems right now, please point them out to
me if there are, I'll do my best to solve them.  If you have any
further remarks, comments, requests or suggestions I would be happy to
hear about them.  Hopefully we can resolve the issue in the near

Kind regards

Diego Biurrun

The Copyright file:

MPlayer was originally written by Árpád Gereöffy and has been extended and
worked on by many more since then, see the AUTHORS file for an (incomplete)
list. You are free to use it under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
as described in the LICENSE file.

MPlayer as a whole is copyrighted by the MPlayer team. Individual copyright
notices can be found in the file headers. Furthermore, MPlayer includes code
from several external sources:

Name:       FFmpeg
Version:    CVS snapshot
Homepage:   http://www.ffmpeg.org
Directory:  libavcodec
License:    GNU Lesser General Public License

Name:       FAAD2
Version:    2.0 RC1, updated to CVS from 20031003
Homepage:   http://www.audiocoding.com
Directory:  libfaad2
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       FLAC
Version:    1.1.0, updated to CVS from 20031227
Homepage:   http://flac.sourceforge.net/
Directory:  libmpflac
License:    X11 style, see libmpflac/COPYING.Xiph

Name:       GSM 06.10 library
Version:    patchlevel 10
Homepage:   http://kbs.cs.tu-berlin.de/~jutta/toast.html
Directory:  libmpcodecs/native/
License:    permissive, see libmpcodecs/native/xa_gsm.c

Name:       liba52
Version:    0.7.1b + patches
Homepage:   http://liba52.sourceforge.net/
Directory:  liba52
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       libdvdcss
Version:    1.2.8
Homepage:   http://developers.videolan.org/libdvdcss/
Directory:  libmpdvdkit2
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       libdvdread
Version:    0.9.3 + patches
Homepage:   http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/groups/dvd/development.shtml
Directory:  libmpdvdkit2
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       libmpeg2
Version:    0.3.1 + patches
Homepage:   http://libmpeg2.sourceforge.net/
Directory:  libmpeg2
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       mpglib (part of mpg123)
Version:    0.59s
Homepage:   http://www.mpg123.de/
Directory:  mp3lib
License:    GNU Lesser General Public License

Name:       LRMI - Linux Real Mode Interface
Version:    unknown, taken from svgalib
Homepage:   http://www.svgalib.org/
Directory:  osdep/lrmi.[ch]
License:    permissive, see file header

Name:       avifile DLL loader
Version:    0.47 + patches + CVS updates
Homepage:   http://avifile.sourceforge.net/
Directory:  loader/
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       dvbstream
Version:    0.4.3-pre3 (cvs checkout)
Homepage:   http://www.linuxstb.org/dvbstream/
Directory:  libmpdemux
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       id3edit
Version:    1.9
Homepage:   http://id3edit.sourceforge.net/
Directory:  libmpdemux/genres.h
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       fbset
Version:    2.1
Homepage:   http://home.tvd.be/cr26864/Linux/fbdev/
Directory:  TVout/fbset
License:    GNU General Public License

Name:       matroxset
Version:    0.3
Homepage:   ftp://platan.vc.cvut.cz/pub/linux/matrox-latest/
Directory:  TVout/matroxset
License:    GNU General Public License

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