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Re: debian-legal review of licenses

* Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> [2004-02-12 09:17]:
> Hands up anyone who wants to take on the job of official d-legal summariser.  I
> can think of a few people who *could* take the job, unfortunately, those
> qualified also tend to be those most qualified in other areas.
> I certainly *don't* think it should be a committee summary; we've already got
> one discussion group (d-legal), no need to add a second one.

Oh, absolutely.  Also, I don't think we need one official summarizer.
Really, anyone can volunteer to summarize a particular discussion,
post a summary to -legal to get the "ok" and then send it on.  We
don't necessarily need one specific person to do that - what we need
are volunteers willing to do it.

Martin Michlmayr

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