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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

On 2003-09-11 11:48:21 +0100 Mathieu Roy <yeupou@gnu.org> wrote:
It's basically not possible to discuss two phrases without having
along with them parts of the previous mail. It clearly puts the phrases out of their context and make them senseless.

You are a past-master at this.

        - Maybe GNU should consider the option to provide its manuals

Who do you quote here? Why have you switched mid-message to irritating RMS-style blockquotes?

        - Maybe Debian should think about the fact that Debian does
        not only deliver Software.

Please highlight what things Debian delivers that are not contained on the distribution mirrors or CDs.

Yes, in the real world a political
        text is not a Software -- at all.

This depends on what you meant by "real world". If you create a physical non-computer instance of the political text, that probably isn't software.

Some people may resent you claiming that computers aren't real, though ;-)

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