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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

On 2003-08-29 09:44:58 +0100 Fedor Zuev <Fedor_zuev@mail.ru> wrote:
On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, MJ Ray wrote:
Just a small reminder that you've not presented such a law yet (at
all, I think, and definitely not that we've had independently
verified).  Some treat "computer programs" differently, but not
software in general.  It is unusual to base your whole reasoning on
something not yet seen.
	For the majority of people outside of this list "software"
is the synonym of "computer programs". I do not see any
need to change it.

OK, I'll call your bluff: prove it. Even the majority of dictionaries shown to have this misdefinition have been ones with ulterior motives.

Even if you can prove it on a balance of probabilities (and I don't think you will), the majority of people outside this list who use computers probably don't use Debian. Are they right on that, too? Correct and popular are not always correlated.

(Did you really just write "the lurkers support me" in other words?)

MJR/slef   My Opinion Only and possibly not of any group I know.

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