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Re: Proposed statement wrt GNU FDL

On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 20:04, Matthew Palmer wrote:

> Modifying an RFC and re-releasing it is not a good thing,

And why isn't it? Is it a bad thing if I modify the TCP/IP-related RFCs
to produce a book on TCP/IP? Is it a bad thing if I copy some packet
formats, and their related descriptions, out of an RFC to make a new
protocol? Is it a bad thing if I copy a MIB to make an SNMP-anything?

It's only a bad thing if I modify and RFC and then claim it is still
that RFC. The DFSG already deals with this; it allows a license to
require a name change. I don't think requiring things like removing the
ISC's endorsement from a modified copy would be wrong, either,
especially since the law already requires it.

Back in June of last year Branden proposed a Debian Free Content License
which had some great ideas about endorsements. I'm not sure if he even
finished writing a draft; I can't seem to find one. However, the
conversation (hundreds of messages...) is in the debian-legal archives.

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