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Re: query from Georg Greve of GNU about Debian's opinion of the F DL

 || On Thu, 17 Apr 2003 15:05:48 -0400
 || bts@alum.mit.edu (Brian T. Sniffen) wrote: 

 bts> A reference card has a subset of commands, chosen for
 bts> usefulness, elegance, or aesthetic appeal.  It has succinct
 bts> descriptions, which are a creative effort.  It is definitely
 bts> copyrightable on either of those points.

Although you phrase it that way, you are in fact not contradicting any
of what I wrote.

One can certainly argue that the choice of subset as well as the way
they are presented are Copyrightable. But then only those parts would
be Copyrightable, not the references themselves.

 bts> I'm not at all sure what to say to this.  Are you talking about
 bts> Berne Convention copyright law?  

Also, but not only. Berne is very loose and leaves a lot of room for
the national initiatives. Also there is Stockholm. Then there are the
national laws that need to be taken into account.

Naturally, I'm more familiar with the European Copyright -- or Droit
d'Auteur, rather -- systems, but since Europe is a very active region
for Free Software, considering the European situation seems useful.

 bts> Are you really asserting that the comments and strings in a
 bts> source file labelled as being under the GPL might not be under
 bts> the GPL?

I wrote no such thing.

It might be interesting to find the grey areas for that, but normally
one would probably see the comments and strings as parts of the
program rather than an independent document.


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