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Re: Revised LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)

Jeff Licquia writes:

 > Let me try to improve on Branden's version, phrased a little differently
 > so it becomes a new 5.a.2:
 > "The entire Derived Work, including the Base Format, does not identify
 > itself as the original, unmodified Work to the user in any way when
 > run."
 > This would be accompanied by a section under "WHETHER AND HOW TO
 > DISTRIBUTE WORKS UNDER THIS LICENSE" talking about ways to ensure that
 > derived works can adhere to 5.a.2.
 > I'd really like to hear Frank or David's thoughts on this new wording,
 > since we're moving into some different territory here.  What do you
 > think?

as I said in the other mail, I think that would be something I think would do
what is necessary and we could give suggestions elsewhere how to fullfil
5.a.2. Guess i need to think a little bit more about it to be sure, but it
seems likely. Would be fine if it does.


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