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Re: Bug#180798: ITP: multisync -- A program to syncronize PIM data

tor 2003-02-13 klockan 04.21 skrev Don Armstrong:
> [Mikael, I'm sending this query both to you and -legal, and setting
> the Mail-Followup-To: on the assumption that you're not subscribed to
> -legal as well. Please correct me if I have assumed incorrectly.]

That's correct.

> What is the currently recommended method for adding a linking
> exception (say with OpenSSL) to a program licensed under the GPL?
> I tried to find an example in the archives of a proper application of
> an exception, however, I was unable to find it. [References to
> applicable discussions appreciated.]
> Specifically, altering the GPL itself to add the exception seems to
> clearly violate the copyright statement (underlined below) of the GPL
> itself.
> I would gather that an addition to the copyright statement with the
> stipulation given in multisync's 2(d) would be acceptable, but I'm not
> aware of the precedence in cases like this.

What I sent to Upstream (Bo Lincoln) was the following urls:

And then he added it in 2d. He was very understanding, so if we want the
phrase moved, I think that it's ok, but I think it's good if we could
send him a sample och a license file. 

Lintian doesn't understand that it's not a plain GPL liccense, and give
some warnings.

Mikael Andersson
PGP: 1024D/20E93E8E 76F9 E895 1073 12B8 A281  8144 5A1E 4BDD 20E9 3E8E

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