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OpenSSH minor licensing bug

I downloaded OpenSSH from:

It has the following copyright notice for crc32.c.   

     * COPYRIGHT (C) 1986 Gary S. Brown.  You may use this program, or
     * code or tables extracted from it, as desired without restriction.

Notice that this doesn't allow distribution (this is, for the OpenBSD
folks, the converse problem of IPFilter).

Without the comments, that file would probably be uncopyrightable,
because it's too short and standard.  But the comments are longer and
more expressive.

Suggested solutions:  
	1. Ask Gary S. Brown to relicense.  I see a professor at VT by that
name, who might be the author of this code.
	2. Replace crc32.c with another version (this is trivial).

-Dave Turner                     Stalk Me: 617 441 0668

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of principle, stand like a rock." -Thomas Jefferson

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