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Re: linux gpl question

Lynn Winebarger <owinebar@free-expression.org> writes:

>      In one case the police will probably come after him (assuming they 
> figure out who it was).  Here the copyright holders have to come after
> him.  There's a substantial difference.

And what we're talking about is exactly that.  Eben Moglen, who is
the legal heavy for the FSF, has a nice essay on how easy it is to
enforce the GPL.  Usually takes only one letter.

>        Actually, I wasn't referring to chosing to enforce the law,
> but determining the penalty.  They might make them distribute the
> patched version under GPL, or they might make them pay monetary
> damages and order existent copies destroyed.  I'm not a lawyer, so I
> don't know the full range of a judge's discretion. However, the
> latter is the usual way to deal with copyright infringement (at
> least it's in statute itself).  They might do something else.

Generally GPL holders don't ask for anything more than "either comply
or stop distributing entirely", money damages are not normally


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