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How Francis got more business !


This little story could apply to ANY type of business.
It could apply to YOUR business.  Read the story and
use your creativity...

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Cedric Customer wanted to buy flowers for his Great
Aunt Florence Fabulous.  Cedric liked Auntie Flo who
had been a beautiful and famous actress in her day.

Cedric searched on the internet and found a website
called "Francis Florist Fabulous Flowers" - for a
flower shop owned by one Francis Florist.

On this web site Cedric saw a really useful tool.

It was a reminder service - so that he need never
again forget a birthday.  He could set up e-mails
that would remind him every year. Cedric got quite
carried away.  He set up to be reminded 2 days before
her birthday.  He also set up to be reminded
about his sisters birthday every year - and every
month about the newsletter he needed to write for his
local artists club - and even every week to change
the tapes after his tape backup every Monday morning.
He got quite excited!

The reminder e-mails worked a treat.

Also every e-mail carried a short automatioc message
from Francis Florist at the top and bottom giving the
very latest special offers and a link back to the
Francis Florist Fabulous Flowers web site so that he
could buy more flowers.

The reminder service had been set up on the web site
by Winnie Webmistress who designed and hosted the site
for Francis Florist.  She used a good cheap service
which she had discovered at -


Auntie Flo was very happy because she got nice
flowers every year from her favourite Great Nephew.

Cedric was very happy and sent flowers every year
to Auntie Flo - until she eventually died or cirrhosis
of the liver and left him a fabulous fortune.

Francis Florist was very happy because he got a
loyal customer who was automatically reminded of his
web site every week month and year and who came
back to him to buy more flowers again and again.

Winnie Webmistress was very happy because she was
able to charge Francis Florist lots of money for
providing this service.

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Christine Kervus

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