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Question: WM themes and copyrights

Hi.  The current issue is packaging window manager themes.  What is the 
legality surrounding a theme that looks similar to another?  Can such a theme 
be placed in main, or even distributed?

Further details are in the forward below; any input would be appreciated.

Please CC me on replies; I'm not subscribed to debian-legal.


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> John Galt raises an important point here.  I've posted small shots of all
> the themes at http://people.debian.org/~bab/themes/ and I would love if
> people could take a glance and point out any obvious copyright violations. 
> Some themes are original, some are based on IceWM themes according to the
> author's comments.


Reading the documentation this guy seems to have gotten a screenshot and
changed color (MacBlue).
Matthe looks like an Aqua theme to me, and microGUI seems strikingly
similar to QNX.

However, "is looking similar to one" a big problem ? If so, sawmill
seems to contain a theme that resembles QNX, for example.



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