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Re: POC (password on card) license


On Sat, 5 May 2001, Sam TH wrote:

> > * It includes and statically links sha2.c from
> > http://www.aarongifford.com/computers/sha.html, which is BSD licensed
> > (without advertising clause). I think they are compatible but I'm not
> > sure.
> This is fine.

And which license and copyright holders must the debian/copyright file
mention: the GPL, BSD or both?

> >
> > * It copies sources blowfish.c, and rijndael.c from gnupg (also GPL) which
> > have been lightly modified to remove some unneeded funtions and some
> > datatypes. The problem is that the author has replaced the Copyright
> > holder notice with it's own.
> >
> Including the files is fine.  Changing the copyright notice is not.
> At a minimum, the copyright of the original author must also be
> mentioned.

The original authors are mentioned at the end of the copyriht notice (at
least a pointer to http://www.gnupg.org is given), so I suppose this is

> > Also I'm not sure wheter the cyphering algorithms blowfish and
> > rijndael (aes) force the program to go to non-US or it can be put into
> > main.
> It needs to go into nonus, barring a change in policy on crypto.
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