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Re: Is Scilab DSFG free, now ?

> The INRIA and the ENPC authorize you free of charge to circulate
> and distribute for no charge, for non-commercial purposes the source
> and/or object code of DERIVED SOFTWARE on any present and future
> support, providing:
> d) Any commercial use or circulation of the DERIVED SOFTWARE shall
> have been previously authorized by INRIA and ENPC.

Violates DFSG 6.No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor 

Martin Quinson said:
> Hello,
> A new version of Scilab (a matlab-like program) is out, and they claim this
> version to be free. (for now, it is in the non-free part of debian)
> Extract from the announcement:
> | Others improvements
> | -------------------
> | A more explicit "free licence". It is no longer required to send back
> | any notice.
> [...]
> |                     Is it really free?
> |     	             -------------------
> |
> | Yes it is. Scilab is not distributed under GPL or other standard free
> | software copyrights, but Scilab is an Open Source Software as stated
> | precisely in the Copyright file licence.txt.
> This file is available online at the adress:
> http://www-rocq.inria.fr/scilab/license.txt
> I would like to have your input on the DFSG complience of this licence. Some
> points are not so clear to me, but I far from being an expert of theses kind
> of questions.
> Thanks for telling me what you think of this licence.
> Bye, Mt.


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