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Re: Question about the Vovida licence

jerome.marant said:
> When looking at the opensource.org page, I discovered that the Vovida
> Licence (http://www.vovida.org/licence.html) is considered as
> OSD compliant.
> However, the fourth clause tells that
> "4. Products derived from this software may not be called "VOCAL", nor
>     may "VOCAL" appear in their name, without prior written
>     permission."
> Is this compatible with the third clause of the DFSG ? It looks like a
> restriction on the distribution.

Not really.  You can still redistribute, you just can't use VOCAL name.  Think of it as a "branding" thing - to get the certification as the "official" one, you need permission.

Since Linux owns the "Linux" trademark, he could rightly prevent anyone from calling their distro "Linux", but he couldn't stop them from distributing it under another name.


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