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Re: Bug#80891: New upstream available

On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 01:07:48PM +0100, Roderich Schupp wrote:
> AFAICT, all files (except fonts.{scale,dir} which are wrong anyway)
> already bear a copyright notice:
>   Copyright (URW)++,Copyright YYYY by (URW)++ Design & Development
>   See the file PUBLIC (Aladdin Free Public License) for license conditions.
> So you could simply add the file PUBLIC from gs-aladdin to 
> comply with Debian policy.

Okay, I hit the wrong file on the first go. The *.pfm files only refer to 
a non-existing COPYING file. The .afm and .pfb files do the same but 
also mention that that should be the GPL.

Can I just include this under the GPL or do I have to get another proof?
Perhaps I am a bit overanxious what licenses are concerned...



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