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Re: non-disclosure agreement

begin  Ian Zimmerman quotation:

> 1/ Is my (literal) reading of the document essentially correct, or is
> my assumption that I can read English just so much hubris?

Your understanding matches mine.  You are _very_ wise to be cautious
about what you sign.

> 2/ Will signing this agreement prevent me from contributing to Debian
> in the future?

If enforced, it would seem to do so.

> 5/ If you were personally faced with this situation, what was (or
> would be) your reaction?  (You can reply to this part privately if you
> prefer).

If I were a coder faced with such a requirement, I would do one of the

(1) Cross out the offending clauses, and politely call that to the
attention of the Personnel Dept. as a counter-offer, or 

(2) Negotiate the replacement of that language with some acceptable

In either case, I would be prepared for the possibility of leaving
imminently to seek employment at a more-enlightened company, if need be.
(As it happens, my employer did, to my particular disgust, require a
similar clause.  I was willing to sign it, in part, because I do not
code for a living.  Also, the firm was so much better than the one I
just left, in every other respect, that I wasn't going to be picky. 
But I was deeply disappointed to see it at an otherwise progressive

Cheers,                                      "Reality is not optional."
Rick Moen                                             -- Thomas Sowell

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