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Alternative trigger condition.


How's this for a new trigger condition for The Free World Licence:

     2.1 CONTRACT: This Licence is a legal contract between you
     and the Original Licensor (and possibly between you and
     other contributing Licensors as well). Licensor unilaterally
     grants you a copyright licence to receive and retain a copy
     of a compressed archive file containing the Module. However,
     by extracting the Module from such an archive for the first
     time, or by modifying the archive, or by otherwise
     installing, browsing, executing, modifying or distributing
     the Module, you indicate your acceptance of this Licence and
     you automatically enter into a contract with Licensor, as
     defined by this document.

I just wrote this and my lawyer hasn't seen this yet, so it might
change, but I thought I'd shoot it to you anyway to get some quick

I have changed the note to:

Note      : Because this licence permits use on free
            platforms only, it does not satisfy the
            requirements for use of the US certification
            mark "open source" as defined by the mark's
            registrants in the web site www.opensource.org.
            Consequently, this licence should not be
            referred to as an "open source" licence and
            software released under this licence should not
            be referred to as "open source". However, you
            can refer to such software as "free software".

which I hope is less offensive. I'm assuming it was the
"you are free to..." part that was offensive. If it's the
idea of referring to it as free software that's offensive then
let me know.

I have tightened the wording of 2.2 as follows:

     2.2 SUBJECT OF LICENCE: This Licence applies to any Module,
     or other work, that contains a notice placed by the work's
     copyright holder (or entity authorized by the copyright
     holder) saying that it may be distributed under the terms of
     this Licence. If no licence version number is provided in
     the notice, the version of this Licence is applicable that
     was most current at the time the Module was first released
     under this Licence.

None of this is shipped yet.


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