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Re: DVD CCA Applies for Restraining Order

At 11:37 PM 12/27/99 , Anthony Towns wrote:
Presumably I'm just being naive, but this seems to be a *much* weaker case
than I'd have expected the DVD consortium to come up with. Of course,
maybe the point is that with enough money, it doesn't matter how unjustified
your claim is.

I think they only filed what they believe they need to get a temporary restraining order sufficient to scare ISP's into shutting down websites discussing the reverse-engineered DVD technology; and if they achieve that goal, they've won, regardless of the resolution of the actual lawsuit. I believe they chose small and unsophisticated defendants because they want the TRO to issue without a fight - once they've got it, they can show it to larger potential defendants, who won't necessarily be familiar with the context in which it was issued, and who will cave in without much effort because it looks like a losing battle.

If you were expecting a fair fight from Big Copyright interests, think again.

Greg Broiles
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