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Re: Corel's apt frontend

David Starner <dvdeug@x8b4e53cd.dhcp.okstate.edu> writes:
> On Fri, Oct 29, 1999 at 07:45:43PM +0200, Henning Makholm wrote:

> > I always wondered - if NeXT really had been serious about going
> > what would have stopped them from creating

> > - a proprietary, binary-only Objective-C plug-in?

> RMS argues that that is illegal - that the plug-ins to a GPL program
> are derivates, and must come under the GPL.

Ok, so we're back to that ol' familiar "what is a deriviate" debate.

I still fail to see any coherent legal reasoning that would have that
outcome, but similar questions have been discussed at length here
without anyone being convinced of anything they didn't believe
beforhand, so let's just drop this issue.

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