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Re: SSH never free

Wichert Akkerman writes:

> Previously Ben Pfaff wrote:
> >     The TSS encryption algorithm implementation in tss.c is copyright Timo
> >     Rinne and Cirion Oy.  It is used with permission, and permission has
> >     been given for anyone to use it for any purpose as part of ssh.
> This violates the DFSG.

Clearly.  However, comments in the current (non-free; 1.2.27) ssh1 sources
include notes like

# Revision 1.42  1998/03/27 17:28:57  kivinen
#       Removed TSS.

and TSS has not been supported in ssh1 since that time.  (I don't know quite
why it was dropped: more likely security concerns than licensing.)  Since the
support for conventional ciphers in ssh1 is fairly modular, it should be
pretty easy for someone to remove it in order to produce a free package.

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