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Re: LaTeX Project Public License

You> reasonable comment on LPPL draft
Me> rather ungracious response:-)

Sorry it had been a long day... I have passed your suggested wording
round the other latex develpoers, with a suggestion that we might
consider using that.

In general though I really don't want to change anything very much.
This licence has been used with latex since latex2e came out in
1993 (with only minor modifications since then). As the intention of
LPPL is really that it is the old latex licence, with `latex' replaced
by `the program' as far as possible it is not really possible to make
large changes if we then plan to suggest it to people who just want to 
distribute latex packages `under the same conditions as latex'.
The fact of making the licence generic was not supposed to change those
latex conditions in any essential way.

I'll let you know what we decide to do about that paragraph,


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