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Re: external harddrive not power down on suspend

On Sun, 14 Nov 2010 21:47:23 -0600
Jan Hetges <tran@ms20.net> wrote:

> on my msi wind netbook i've been tracking sid for about two years.
> generally everything works fine, which i'm very grateful for.
> when i suspend my laptop with a external(usb) hd connected, it doesn't
> power down so i can't disconnect it without rouining the mechanics over
> time. is this possibly a bug in gnome-power-manager?
> thank you 
>   --Jan


If you are suspending to ram I have the same with my acer aspire 4810T
that there is still power to the USB ports.  I think the reason for
this is cause your generally not going to have the laptop suspended for
long before you are going to use it again to continue off were you left
it at before.

If you hibernate the laptop there should no power going to the USB

IMHO it is not a bug in the power management.

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