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Re: Eye Candy Window Manager

Bernd Dau <bernd@daucity.de>:
>  Am 26.08.2010 13:10, schrieb Andreas Tscharner:
> > On 25.08.2010 17:37, Jangita wrote:
> >> 
> >> When it comes to graphics and linux, is there a Eye Candy window
> >> manager out there; for me if I'm to go GUI and I have a powerful
> >> graphics card humming under the hood; I'd like something that
> >> looks nice, shadows, transparent well drawn icons, widgets and
> >
> > http://www.enlightenment.org/ comes to my mind...
>  Even the community policy of Elive is not very debianish, give it a
>  try and enjoy the live-distro.

I don't know what you mean by that, sorry.

>  So you can see if this is eye candy enough :-) I use it nearly 6
>  month in a virtual box in a daily base for my work.  Its running
>  fine.  elive is based on Lenny

ELive is disappointing on a P-IV 2.4 GHz, but on newer hardware is
nice.  For older hardware, try Mint Fluxbox (both Debian and *buntu
based).  It's perfect for a couple of boxes I'm resurrecting (and I've
tried a few on them).

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