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Re: linux certified laptops

Alexander Kaphuk <sashaandtanya@gmail.com>:
>  I'd appreciate people who've used Linux Certified Laptops, *LC2430SN 
>  Linux Notebook* in particular, dropping me a line, if you please, to 
>  share your experiences running Debian Lenny, or any other Debian release 
>  on these laptops.

(I'd be the last to complain about this, but) Note that adding Windows
dual booting will cost you another $250.  If that's important to you,
that raises the price considerably, pretty much to the point that I
paid for a Windows laptop to run Linux on from Best Buy (HP dv5).  If
you can do a Win. install, you can save that.  Nice to see it comes
with 2 Gb RAM.

I prefer AMD and ATI, but that's just me.

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