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tina, URGENT INVITE: Connect with Pulse, your new online community

Dear tina,
We?re extending a select invitation for you to join Pulse, an online community where young adults can share opinions about staying connected, music, night life, dining, drinking, and lots more.  Through fun discussions and polls, you?ll have the opportunity to help shape the products and promotions of one of today?s largest, hottest companies, as well as connect with other twenty-somethings and be eligible to win prizes.

The Pulse network is limited, with invitations open to just 500 members. Pulse members are asked to join discussions and chats, share stories, answer poll questions and see what others think.  You will earn points through your weekly participation and be eligible to earn $10 at the end of each month. To take the short qualifying survey go to the link below. It?s the first step to connecting with this exciting community and having a chance to make your opinions heard.

Go to: http://rextopia.com/z/22772/CD4168/

During registration, we?ll ask you to provide us with some basic information to determine if Pulse will be a good fit for you. Come join the conversation!

The Pulse Membership Team

Web Hen Media, Inc., P.O. Box 7003, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 USA

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