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Re: Lenny: not able to control fan and hd spin on Toschiba laptop

Mora and mora strange. See below

Freddy Freeloader ha scritto:
> Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
>> Florian Reitmeir ha scritto:
>>> On Thu, 08 Nov 2007, Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
>>>> John O'Hagan ha scritto:
>>>>> On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
>>>>>> I can hear the fan spinning when there is a lot of cpu activity; but
>>>>>> when there is a disk activity the fan remain silent.
>>>>>> There is any method to control the fan or at least to force the
>>>>>> fan to
>>>>>> maximum speed?
>>>>> My fan works fine by itself now (Thinkpad X31), but I recall
>>>>> needing to use the command
>>>>> echo 3 > /proc/acpi/[SOMEPATH]/fan
>>>> Please can you send the content of your fan directory?
>>> what he described is a thinkpad feature, the "native" fan acpi
>>> interface is
>>> mostly broken, or not supported by the bios.
>>> Like someone suggested already, look for the toshiba tools packages in
>>> debian.
>> Well, I tried the toshiba tools but this is the output I receive:
>> msb01:/usr/src# toshset -fan on
>> required kernel toshiba support not enabled.
>> So it seems that I have to recompile the kernel with CONFIG_ACPI and
>> CONFIG_ACPI_TOSHIBA flags enabled.
>> Anyone knows if there ere stock debial kernel with these flags enabled?
>> Regards
>>     Mirto
> That's interesting.  "apt-cache show toshset" says it doesn't rely on
> kernel support.
Your comment pointed me in a new crazy way.
In the link http://www.flurble.org/computers/toshset.pl I read:

There are two modules for Toshiba laptop support in recent linux kernels.

    * *toshiba*, found at
          o Processor type and features -> Toshiba laptop sopport,
          o CONFIG_TOSHIBA,
          o drivers/char/toshiba
    * *toshiba_acpi*, found at
          o Power management -> ACPI -> Toshiba laptop extras,
          o drivers/acpi/toshiba_acpi

If you load *toshiba*, and run toshset ...

 $ sudo toshset -q
 machine id: 0xfcff    BIOS version: 1.40    SCI version: 7.148
 toshset version: 1.71                  Toshiba Model: Portege M100/M300 Tecra M2/A2/A3
 HCI/SCI access mode: kernel           
* toshset: this computer is not supported*


On my machine I read:
msb01:~# toshset -q
required kernel toshiba support not enabled.

So I had to setup the environment to compile a kernel gettin the sources
from the debian package linux-source-2.6.22.tar.bz2
But inspecting the .config I see that are already enabled:

Toshiba Laptop support (TOSHIBA)

This adds a driver to safely access the System Management Mode of
the CPU on Toshiba portables with a genuine Toshiba BIOS. It does
not work on models with a Phoenix BIOS. The System Management Mode
is used to set the BIOS and power saving options on Toshiba portables.


Toshiba Laptop Extras (ACPI_TOSHIBA)

This driver adds support for access to certain system settings
on "legacy free" Toshiba laptops. These laptops can be recognized by
their lack of a BIOS setup menu and APM support.

So recompiling kernel in not an option: toshiba support in the kernel is
already enabled.

I think that the toshset doesn't relay on kernel because the stock
kernel has already tohiba support enabled.

But now I'm completely lost.
I'm using debian on this machine since when etch was the testing version
and I never had thermal problems.

It is only from this summer that I started to have thermal problems. I
thinked that the weather was too hot; but now the weather is cold and I
still have thermal problems.

On my Satellite P20 there is no fan control in BIOS and I'm not able to
use toshset to force the fan on.

What can I do?



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