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Re: *** bluber *** Re: Male xxxxxx enhancement formula^

On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 08:57:10AM -0400, Michael Marsh wrote:
> On 5/24/05, Derek Broughton <derek@pointerstop.ca> wrote:
> > I see absolutely no reason why the lists should be open to all posters.  It's
> > not hard to figure out how to subscribe to a list - even Windows users do it
> > all the time.
> It's not that subscribing or unsubscribing is difficult, it's that it
> creates at least a small deterrence, especially for a high-volume
> list.  This is more relevant for d-u than d-l, but the principle's the
> same.  It's easy enough to request Cc's if you're not on the list, or
> to watch for responses on the archive page, and you don't get any mail
> that you don't want.  It can take days (or in some cases weeks) to
> sort out a problem, and in that time a lot of unwanted email can
> arrive.

How about the following compromise:

- make the lists subscribe only, but

- provide a simple web form for sending mail to d-* lists.
  "secure" the form against automated sending attemps by a captcha[1]
  of some sort

[1] http://www.captcha.net/


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