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Re: Extending the size of my display

Hi Thomas:

I read on your message that you're using dual displays on a Toshiba M30.
I'm trying to do the same, and it works fine, except that the LCD screen
is always very dark (like 50% brightness or so). Are you having the same

Thanks in advance:

Pedro Neves

>I've got a Toshiba M30, and am also using the nvidia driver.
>I am switching a lot between beamers, CRTs etc. ,
>so I am not using debconf at all, IIRC it also did not handle my
>default display's resolution of 1024x800 correctly - so I use to
>edit /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 by hand. I don't want to discourage you
>from trying to manage your config with debconf, but it sure is quite 
>painless to copy your XF86Config-4 to p.e. XF86Config-4-debconf,
>remove the debconf marks in it and try some configurations with different
>display settings -I bet, that debconf actually ignores your extra resolutios.
>I appended my own /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 as an example; don't simply
>copy it, if you display can't handle 1024x800. 

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