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Re: Various questions (3)

Rony wrote:

Any advice on:

How to access a usb thumb drive in linux? My usb mouse is working, so
the usb in my installation should be okay.

modprobe usb-storage
mount /dev/sda /mnt/stick

Note that if you have SCSI real or emulated drives, then you should replace /dev/sda accordingly.

Any idea where i can get a .deb for kopete,

How about the official repository?

apt-get install kopete

at least version 8.4 (to
login to yahoo)? My system is Sarge. I tried to build, but error, seems
i miss some libs. From kopete website, i must have "kde" installed.

You MUST have some kde libs, otherwise it doesn't work. The apt-get line above solves this.

want to install whole kde for this. Yes, i've tried gaim, it's even
better than the official yahoo msg for linux ^_^. But i also want to
try out kopete as well.

I was disappointed by kopete, it didn't connect to the server, but now, not even gaim doesn't, so I guess I could try again kopete to see if it works.

Many thx for the advices.

- Rony -


"That would require time-travel, a feature not currentable available in commercial UNIX systems." - Bruce Barnett

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