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RE: How do I stop XDM/GDM starting ?

Thanks for the 2 x prompt reply. It worked a treat and I can now log in as
root and use X.

> PS > Are you already fiddling around with XF86Config-4 ? Than Ctrl +
> Alt + Backspace should be enough.

Umm... I think so. I am not fiddling with the file but X seems to need
it. During the X system setup I was asked if I wanted deb conf to handle
parts of the XF86 config. The default was yes, so I answered yes.

Now, so I can use big resolutions (1600 x1200 and 1920 x 1200), I have
overwritten my existing XF86Config file with another from a Inspiron
8500 user but the monitor size doesn't seem to work ie: I can't set the
resolution bigger than 1024x768 although the XF86config file and NVidia
driver will allow this. The screen size seems to be stopping this change
to higher resolution. Using Ctrl + Alt + + or - has absolutely no
effect... perhaps my minimum size is set at 1024x768.

Short of uninstalling and reinstalling X, how do I get back to the same
setup point I was at so I can answer NO to the 'Let deb conf handle
parts of the XF86Config' bit ?

Thanks again

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