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ext2 disk errors after install of Debian on Inspiron 8500

Hi all,

1) Where are fsck logs kept ?
2) What do these Partition Magic errors mean
  a)Error 1221 Directory 913962 disconnected from directory hierarchy
  b)Error 1201 Ext2 superblock contains illegal information
3) Can I restart a 'bombed out' Debian install without reformatting etc ?
4) Are all the files downloaded during the network install all stored in
var\cache\apt\archives ?

I am an inexperienced Linux user. I have dabbled with various *nix
distributions but never used it as my only O/S. I just got my shiny new
Inspiron 8500 wth 80gb hard disk without floppy. Threw a PCMICA card in
and did a network install of Woody

Partitioned using Partition Magic
hda0 (?) is a 30mb FAT partition for DELL utility stuff
hda2 is a 20gb NTFS
hda3 is a 30gb extended partiton with 2 logical NTFS partitions
hda4 is a 24gb Ext2
hda1 is a 2.2g swap partition

I downloaded and burnt boot.iso onto a CD, booted to the CD abd the
install process began. Woody had finished downloading all the files off
the Internet nand was installing itself merrily (no errors) and then the
ninstaller prompted/recommended I stop card manager services. I said Yes.
Then got a kernel panic and the laptop rebooted.

Every boot into Debian is now greeted with a warning/demand to run fsck
manually or e2fsck. I do this but get messages about the fixes failing.
Sorry I can't capture these messages (f.n.g newbie ....)

LILO was installed and works fine, all the files seem to be in place but
configuration of X didn't happen so I imagine a fair bit of configuration
didn't occur..

Thanks in advance.

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