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Re: poweroff and reboot

A thought - do you have any (or many) USB devices connected?  Your problem
is likely the problem others have mentioned thus far, but if your laptop
supports booting from usb devices (mainly floppy) I've found that it can
take inordinate amounts of time getting past 'that step' while it probes
all the usb devices and waits for replies.  I have a small unpowered 4port
USB hub and a USB KVM cable connected to it, and I have to unplug it
before it will actually boot (at least, I've never waited around to see it
boot, only waited at most 30 seconds).

Of course, my laptop is rather old (PCG-C1X) so hopefully they fixed this
problem and my point is moot.


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On 4 Nov 2002, Dominik Juszczyk wrote:

> Hi
> Firstly about hardware: Sony Vaio PCG-FX215 with Debian Woody installed
> I have problem with reboot. When I want to reboot my laptop, it is
> rebooting, but after that it shows only Sony welcome message, and than
> stops. To make it work I have to press power button for few seconds, and
> turn it on again.
> When I want to turn it off, it shows me power down, and than I have to
> turn it of with power buton.

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