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Re: Asus A1000 non working for pcmcia, infrared and video.

I have the same problem with my laptop and the SiS 630 video chip
By now I don't know THE solution :( to get XFree working with SiS 630

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From: "Giuseppe Sacco" <eppesuigoccas@libero.it>
To: <debian-laptop@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 6:21 PM
Subject: Asus A1000 non working for pcmcia, infrared and video.

> Hi,
> I have many problems related to this laptop:
> Asus A1000, celeron 750, 196MB, 15Gb HD, TFT 1024x768x16.
> video sis630
> ide   sis5513
> audio sis7018
> net   sis900
> What I am not able to setup using Debian potato 2.2r3 is:
> infrared: I am not even able to understand what chipset is
>    installed. modprobing every irda device I get errors trying
>    to identifing the device
> video: it seems that this video card is supported but only using
>    an external monitor. I heard about some improvements using 4.0.3
>    but I still have to check it.
> audio: during boot the kernel print the message:
> trident SiS 7018 PCI Audio found at IO 0xa800, IRQ 5
>         ac97_codec: AC97 Audio codec, vendor id1: 0x4144, id2: 0x5348
>         ac97_codec: AC97 Modem codec, vendor id1: 0x5349, id2: 0x4c26
>    This only seems to a be a problem of id. The mpg123 program works fine.
> pcmcia: if I start the /etc/init.d/pcmcia script then I get a kernel panic
>    and system stops (of course.) Lspci gives this information:
> CardBus bridge: Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II (rev 80)
> Subsystem: Ricoh Co Ltd: unknown device 0476
> I tried this with kernels from 2.2.17 to 2.2.19 and from 2.4.0 to 2.4.3
> the standard Debian kernel image or customized images.
> Do you have any suggestion for setting up correctly the system?
> Thank you very much,
> Giuseppe
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