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Re: Progeny on Vaio Z505NR (aka Z600RE)

> Thanks, Heather, for the comments and advice. I have been looking up some of
> the links. Just need to roll up my sleeves and get onto it. Was kind of
> hoping that someone would be running Debian on a similar model so we could
> exchange notes (or rather, someone I could receive notes from ;-) ). 

A friend of mine just recently got a Sony and that had been why I was paying
close attention during the jogdial thread.  If it helps, he said he got his
jogdial working too.

> My 1-year goal is to switch over completely from Win to Debian. Just cannot
> keep up with the hardware and resource requirements of each new version of
> Win. Will be pretty tough since I have used nothing BUT Win since v3.1 but
> with good advice and a prod in the right direction, I think I should make
> it...

Install Fvwm95 and it should help you out a lot. the interface tries *really*
hard to be comfy for windows newbies coming over.  I've successfully used it
for people who were afraid the unix monster would get them... :)  although
I also further tweaked the start menu to be -even- more similar, eg most
"admin" apps behind "Settings...", things about searching behind "Find..." 
and so on.

Once you get used to linux, you can install fvwm2 if you want to experiment
with more menu features, or even jump to other window managers (a wm is
the app in charge of the scroll bars and re-sizers and passing input focus
around, usually feels kind of invisible)... but the best thing is, you 
shouldn't have to, if you don't want.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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