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hd not reporting correctly on install

I decided to go ahead and reinstall everything and use potato this time. 
This was prompted since I was told potato was fairly stable, plus there was
a disk manager (western digitals dynamic disk overlay) running that my
original install did not remove and it was preventing lilo from booting.

Anyway before I did this, my hd was being reported as 777mb in the boot up
and in fdisk/cfdisk etc.  Now that I've apparently removed the disk manager,
the hd is reported as 777mb in boot up but cfdisk and fdisk are only
reporting 328mb.  I looked up the drive at theref.aquascape.com, and they
report that the drive should be 777mb.

How do I fix this?  I just love venturing into uncharted waters.

Thanks for the help again,


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